Air Pressure
Works in the exhibition

Paul McCarthy’s inflatables are gigantic plastic sculptures that are kept continuously inflated by an air pump. 10 works are on display in the exhibition, including a gigantic tomato ketchup bottle and a group of pink piglets, ranging in height from around 4 metres to 24 metres.

Please take note! should the wind speed exceed 40 km per hour (gale
force 5) then the inflatable sculptures will be lowered as a

Daddies Ketchup (3 parts), 2001/2007

White Head, Bush Head, 2005

Santa With Butt Plug, 2007

Complex Pile, Shit Pile, 2007

Black Plug, Butt Plug, 2007

Rothko’s Newport Cigarettes, Reversed, Upside Down, 2005

Piggies, 2007

Captain Morgan’s Rum, Reversed, Upside Down, 2005