Air Pressure

Is the exhibition accessible for wheelchair users?
Yes, the Botanical Gardens and the exhibition are accessible for wheelchair users. Since most of the works are located on large fields of grass, it can be that in poor weather less able-bodied persons will not be able to come close to the works of art because of the mossy grass.

Are refreshments available in the Botanical Gardens?
Besides the existing catering facilities in the Botanical Gardens, extra catering is being organised in a coffee bar on the big field. The Botanical Gardens are an excellent spot for picnicking and visitors may bring their own food with them. In the coffee bar on the big field special picknick bags are sold.

Is the exhibition also suitable for children?
These are McCarthy’s more mild works and will not easily shock children. All visitors to the exhibition receive a booklet with an explanation of the works. A Podwalk for kids 8-12 can be downloaded from this site (in Dutch only!). The enormous, colourful inflatable works, which look like bouncy cushions, are particularly attractive to children. Visitors may come close to the works, but it is not allowed to touch them! The combination of gigantic works of art with the splendid, green Botanical Gardens makes a visit to Air Pressure very worthwhile for the whole family.

What are the Utrecht Botanical Gardens actually?
The Utrecht Botanical Gardens are part of the University of Utrecht and can be found at two locations: Fort Hoofddijk in Utrecht and the Von Gimborn Arboretum in Doorn. Here you can find the beautiful Rock Garden, the Systematic Garden, the (sub)tropical collections and the Theme Garden. In the Von Gimborn Arboretum the emphasis is on trees and shrubs. Both locations of the Gardens are open to the public and special activities are regularly organised. For groups there is the possibility to request a guided tour.

Are there more activities taking place in the Utrecht Botanical Gardens during this period?
Yes, see the programme at