Air Pressure

The exhibition Air Pressure is a gift to mark the occasion of the University’s 74th lustrum (2006) and is the result of a collaboration between the City of Utrecht and Utrecht University. The precise nature of the gift was discussed by the municipal Advisory Committee for Visual Art and Design and the Utrecht University art committee. The decision was taken to organise an ambitious art project by an internationally famous artist. Utrecht University is a large and many-sided knowledge centre offering education and research of international quality. It underlines its top position with an ambitious architectural interpretation of De Uithof, the area where Utrecht University is located. Impressive buildings have been realised by, among others, OMA, Neutelings Riedijk, Arets, Van der Pol, Van Egeraat, Mecanoo en NL Architects. These architects were already renowned, or have achieved their international reputation, through the buildings they have erected here. The University of Utrecht has more grandiose plans for De Uithof, which with its 50,000 students and 12,000 employees has the dimensions of a small to medium-sized city. An increase in the amount of culture on offer is an important means of putting De Uithof better on the map. The temporary exhibition by the American artist Paul McCarthy contributes to this goal and is in line with the international quality associated with the municipality of Utrecht and the Utrecht University /De Uithof.

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